Digitech is an international start-up based in Seychelles and established in Ivory Coast and South Africa. It specializes in the development, integration and commercialization of professional solutions and value-added consumer services, exploiting new information and communication technologies.


The creation of DIGITECH GROUP gives the opportunity to local and African businesses to enter the digital age.

Indeed, we offer innovative digital solutions to our clientele mainly companies and also government institutions to enable them internally to dematerialize certain functions or externally to gain productivity and competitiveness by developing new interfaces digital and / or mobile customers.


Nous accompagnons nos Clients non seulement dans la conception mais aussi dans la mise en œuvre et le déploiement de leur stratégie digitale dans tous ses aspects.Dans le contexte concurrentiel exacerbé actuel, rythme par des acteurs de plus en nombreux au niveau bancaire, la concurrence des sociétés de téléphonie mobile, DIGITECH GROUP CI se propose ainsi d’équipper ses clients d’ un outil éprouvé aux technologies de dernières générations pour rester a l’ecoute de sa clientele et anticiper ses besoins, garants de son success futur


Its 3 founders have accumulated over 45 years of combined experience in the mobile telecommunications, finance and insurance industries in Africa and the Middle East.

The founder and CEO of DIGITECH GROUP CI has developed in East Africa many digital solutions on behalf of a mobile operator mentioned at the World Congress of Mobile Telephony (GSMA Mobile World Congress).

Since the creation of DIGITECH, many prizes and distinctions have been recorded such as the AWS prize for the best Start up in South Africa awarded by Amazon Web Services.


At DIGITECH GROUP, we strongly believe in the inescapable development of Africa. The advent of the digital age combined with the strong growth that is already tangible, offers a unique opportunity for progress in the history of Africa. Africa has the opportunity to make several leaps in technology to find its true place in the concert of nations. Across Africa, innovation is burgeoning and is poised to support the future growth of African countries.

We believe that the future growth announced will not be achieved without a strong technological core and inclusive local innovative solutions that will renew the competitiveness of local economic champions

From the meeting of entrepreneurial energy, industrial and technological know-how and financial interest, will come the economic profit that will create the regional champions, the goods and services that will transform the daily life of the consumer and the infrastructures that will change the economy. face of the African continent.

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